Battery Floor Burnishers

High gloss, low noise, zero emissions!

  • Powerful 36 volt & 72 volt systems provide long run times
  • AGM or LFP maintenance free batteries
  • Full warranty

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JXi battery floor burnishers are ideal for environments where zero emissions and noise are required. Available in a 20" size, JXi machines are easy and safe to operate with standard features such as an electric clutch, on board vacuum system, and pad assist drive. For the best when zero emissions are required, choose the JXi. 

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The first LFP Lithium-Ion battery floor burnisher from ONYX.  Ideal for environments where zero emissions and noise are required. Available in 21", 24" or 27" sizes. The SXi machines use a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology for efficient power use and delivery.

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High Gloss

JXi and SXi Battery Burnishers are high speed and powerful,  producing an high gloss shine on LVT, VCT, Concrete and Terrazzo floors.

Low Noise

The JXi and SXi Battery Burnishers are ultra-quiet with noise levels less than 63 dBa making them ideal for healthcare, education, and office facilities.

Zero Emissions

JXi and the Lithium-Ion powered SXi produce zero emissions making them ideal for healthcare and educational facilities.


Complete line of ONYX Battery and Propane Equipment

Simple, Clean, Safe & Reliable, our battery and propane powered machines create cleaner floors and healthier environments in a fraction of the time of traditional cleaning methods.

While our unmatched cordless power and performance of our propane powered floor burnishing, stripping, and polishing equipment, produces superior looking floors in record time.

Clean Power Propane Engines and Conversions deliver ultra low emissions and unmatched reliability & performance for any indoor use application such as floor grinders & industrial vacuums, or outdoor power & construction applications, such as commercial lawn mowers and utility vehicles.

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